Each month Worron Family Chiropractic dedicates time to spreading health awareness to our community.  These  “Community Health Services” are provided to businesses and organizations in the Kendall/Kane County Areas.  All of these programs are COMPLIMENTARY for both the participants and hosts!

Some of our most popular programs are:  Massage Events, Health Screenings, Wellness Evaluations and Educational Workshops.  To find out more information and schedule an event contact us via e-mail at  info@worronchiropractic.com.  Below you will find a schedule of our upcoming services and testimonials from our past event hosts.

Upcoming Community Health Service Programs: 

(These screenings are free and open to the public)

Event Host Testimonials:

“The Educational workshop on “The Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss” that you provided to my staff through the Foundation for Wellness Professionals was excellent!  We especially liked the positive information reinforcement.  When employees are healthy and happy, they’re more productive; education really helps with that.”

Cari Z.- Just Credit Solutions

“We have worked with Worron Family Chiropractic to put on several workshops and health screenings at the store because we belive cosumer education about alternative holistic health and wellness options is vitally important to the community.  The Worron staff is always professional and respectful of our customers…and when our customers are happy, we’re happy.”

Tammy M.- The Fruitful Yeild