“I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help. I am amazed that I have gone from swelling and severe pain in both feet and not being able to move my toes at all, to running on the treadmill in only a matter of months! Plus, it is really convenient to get my adjustment, rehab, and massage therapy all in one place and all at the same time. Thanks again!!”
~ Kandra W.

“I tried many things, including physical therapy and chiropractic, to help my 30-year chronic back pain. I had almost given up when my wife talked me into trying Dr. Tara. I never would have believed it, but after only a few months, my pain was almost gone! It’s great to finally feel like I can really live my life.”
~ John M.

“One day about six years ago I woke up and could not move the left side of my body from the waist down. I was taking up to 20 ibuprofin a day and had to stop working. Thanks to you, Dr. Tara, I am back to work and doing almost everything I want to do. I feel truly blessed to have you and your staff in my life! You have a very positive attitude and I always leave your office feeling better than when I came in. God was smiling down on me the day I walked in Worron Family Chiropractic.”
~ Shari S.

“I had severe jaw and lower back issues. When they were at their worst, I could hardly walk or talk. Since beginning care with Dr. Tara, I have very little pain, and when I do, it is usually because I am overdoing my activities. Being able to live a full life without pain at 65 is priceless! The office team at Worron Family Chiropractic is so well joined. All of them are knowledgeable professionals. Wonderful! Best team ever!”
~ Bonnie W.

“Dr. Tara has the unique gift of treating the entire person by healing the body and easing the mind. She is very approachable, and always available to listen and answer any questions and concerns while also being proactive in suggesting preventative care.”
~ Paige B.

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of your kindness, patience, support, and gentle caring hands… Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
~ Dr. Cathy D.

“The nutritional cleanse program was easy to follow. I lost 16 pounds in two weeks!”
~ Ryan K.

“The detox program helped me figure out foods that I was sensitive to and it helped me cut back on the amount of sugar I craved. Sweets were much more intense post-detox and I was satisfied with much less.”
~ Brandy B.

“I was at a plateau in my weight loss that the nutritional cleanse program helped me get over. I was able to lose 12 pounds in the two weeks, and kept going from there!”
~ Scott R.